Air Purifier Helps Eliminate Corona Virus: People are spending a lot more time at home than they did in the past. Whether you’re working from home, e-learning from home or just staying home, indoor air quality has never been more important!

Air Quality Control has a long history of experience and expertise in providing HVAC solutions for Floridians. We bring you affordable options to create cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we draw from a wide range of award-winning and innovative air quality products that achieve whole-home solutions for our customers.

The Carrier Infinity whole home air purifier

The Carrier Infinity whole home air purifier has been shown to help eliminate the Corona Virus in filtered air. The University of Colorado Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering conducting testing of Carrier’s system, which uses their patented Captures and Kills technology. Results show that the air purifier inactivates 99% of coronavirus trapped on the filter!

Other third party testing also shows that the filter’s technology inactivates 99% of additional bacteria and viruses including the common cold virus surrogate, Streptococcus pyogenes and human influenza.

The Infinity Air Purifier operates silently, in partnership with your HVAC equipment from Carrier and other manufacturers. It is designed to trap and kill mold, bacteria and pathogens including coronavirus. The purifier treats the air going through your HVAC system using a 3-step, charge/capture/kill process that inactivates 99% of select viruses and bacteria.



Use Qualified Technicians for carrier infinity Air Purifier installation

A clean and healthy home is a happy home! Adding Carrier’s Infinity Whole Home Air Purifier will help provide your family with peace of mind. We’ve assembled a talented team of NATE-certified, factory qualified technicians who are dedicated to providing you with superior service.

Each of our installation and service technicians are company employees. By not using subcontractors, we ensure the highest quality workmanship for our customers. Our uniformed professionals show up on time, perform the service required, and leave no mess behind.

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