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Sudden and lengthy power outages are an issue in St. Petersburg, FL, and surrounding areas, and can result in property damage, safety hazards, health issues, discomfort, inconvenience, and a drain on your budget. Avoid the disruption with a permanently installed standby generator. Air Quality Control specializes in Generac generators, offering a wide range of industry-leading, quiet, and innovative options to meet your specific requirements. We keep your home running smoothly, ensuring a seamless and immediate transfer of power.


Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator with Whole House Switch WiFi-Enabled

There’s no need to refuel or be on the premises to start up the generator. The system automatically senses an outage and is up and running within moments, powering designated appliances or the entire home for as long as necessary. You won’t be without heating/cooling, running water, internet, overhead lights, essential sump pumps, or any of the modern conveniences you take for granted. Contact Air Quality Control for further information and personalized recommendations. Our licensed technicians handle prompt and accurate installation, familiarize you with features, and are available for any necessary maintenance or repair.


We offer to stand by models of Generac generators that require permanent installation. We specialize in home backup generators, and we will install natural gas or LP models. We install these generators with an automatic transfer switch and mobile link wifi capabilities. So, if you’re worried about a storm knocking out the power to your home, or if you don’t want to experience downtime when there’s a major power outage, contact us today to learn more about Generac generators. With a wide array of products to choose from, it’s easy to find a generator that’s perfect for your situation.

As a Generac Elite Dealer we would like to eliminate unexpected service chargers. Our fixed cost service plans provide you with peace of mind by eliminating the cost of unexpected repairs. Expensive repairs can cost upward of $1000 even when the part is covered by a factory warranty.

Generator Warranty Details
Ten Year Warranty

10 Year extended limited warranty activated within 12 months of start up.
Air Cooled $985
Liq. Cooled $1285

Seven Year Warranty
7 Year extended limited warranty activated within 12 months of start up.
Air Cooled $765
Liq. Cooled $985

Five Year Warranty
5 Year extended limited warranty activated within 12 months of start up, Air Cooled $599, Liq. Cooled $765

Payment Plan Details

Payment plans are underwritten by Wells Fargo Consumer Credit and require credit approval for participation.

Plans cover all parts and labor as defined by Generac warranty policy through the 10th year following installation. Plans must be put in force within 365 days following installation and coverage will begin on the 91st day following plan subscription.

Proper annual maintenance required per factory recommendations. Non compliance could result in service plan being voided. Bi-annual maintenance plans are $360 for air cooled and $375 for liquid cooled models.


A clean, healthy home is essential. Unfortunately, there are sources of contamination throughout every room, and even invisible particles and bacteria are a threat. Air Quality Control provides accurate diagnosis and customized recommendations throughout St. Petersburg, FL, and surrounding areas. Our team of factory qualified, NATE-certified technicians create a strategy of improvement based on your specific concerns, issues, and goals. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we draw from a wide range of award-winning and innovative air quality accessories which achieve whole-home and sustainable solutions.

We continue to uphold a well-established history of experience and expertise, bringing you affordable options and creating a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments. Some of the many Indoor Air Quality accessories we offer include:

Air Filtration is designed to trap and kill bacteria, mold spores, viruses, allergens, and more, air purifiers operate silently and in partnership with your HVAC equipment, cycling air through the patented system up to eight times per hour. Dander, pollen, dust, and 95% of pathogens as small as.30 microns are captured by the filter. Carrier’s award-winning Captures and Kills technology is proven effective against 13 pathogens and common household fungus.
UV Lights, Too often, mold and bacteria flourish within the heating and cooling equipment, spreading contaminants throughout the house during the operation. UV lamps target harmful organisms which negatively affect HVAC efficiency, reliability, and performance, and degrade indoor air quality. Silent, tucked out of sight, and with a bulb life expectancy of 9000 hours, UV lights protect your health as well as the integrity of HVAC equipment.


Todays WiFi thermostats provide far more than a generalized temperature setting. Providing precision adjustment of indoor climate, tailoring to your schedule, and facilitating the management of heating and cooling equipment, these industry innovations quickly pay for themselves. Trimming monthly bills by an average of 30%, these aesthetic and intuitive controls offer helpful data, including weather forecast, energy tracking, reminders for filter changes, maintenance alerts, and energy-saving tips. Contact the specialists from Air Quality Control, and we’ll answer with the perfect fit for your specific expectations.

Continuing a well established history of experience and expertise, Air Quality Control provides knowledgeable and prompt service across St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas. Our factory qualified, NATE-certified, and dedicated technicians explain operation and features, guide you through options, and complete seamless installation and set up. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we draw from top-of-the-line technology, and offer a comprehensive selection of advanced thermostats which allow access to HVAC installations equipment from anywhere you happen to be. Rely on Air Quality Control to make everyday life easier, more comfortable, and affordable.


When it comes to your duct system, out of sight should never be out of mind. This essential network of pipes works year round and supplies the air your family breathes. When contaminants are allowed to build up within the system, the operation of heating/cooling equipment gradually diminishes. Potential consequences include hot/cold spots, musty smells, degraded air quality, lengthy HVAC running times, greater wear and tear on equipment, higher running costs, and safety risks. The solution is quick, simple, and affordable.


At Air Quality Control, we recognize that every home, remodeling project, and demand is unique. Generic solutions to heating and cooling fail to optimize comfort, efficiency, and system longevity. The design of ductwork is essential to airflow and in turn impacts everything from equipment running time to operational costs, reliability, and air quality. Contact Air Quality Control at 727-347-0202 for custom ductwork in St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas, and we’ll meet your specific requirements perfectly.

Air Quality Control puts our well established history of experience and expertise to work for you. We’ve seen the disastrous results of shoddy design and poor quality materials, and through uncompromising standards, deliver greater rewards and value from your investment. Considering the heated/cooled air you breathe travels through the duct system multiple times per day, all year round, there’s simply no room for error. Whether you’re starting from scratch or concerned with the operation of current HVAC equipment, we can help. Air Quality Control provides seamless design, build, and execution of custom duct systems.

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Our technicians target the repair of existing equipment, but provide honest answers and cost-effective recommendations. Our priority is the efficient, safe, and reliable performance of your heating or cooling system.

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